Working in Partnership with others

I am committed to developing strong relationships with other professionals and agencies involved in children’s lives, to support their learning and development and to promote safeguarding and child protection.

Working with others - EYFS requirement 3.67 – Providers must enable a regular two-way flow of information between providers, if a child is attending more than one setting.

I inform parents about the requirement in the EYFS to liaise with other settings and professionals who might be involved in their child’s care and, as appropriate, I will –

  • Approach other settings / professionals to find out if and how they are prepared to work with me eg meetings, letters, telephone conversations, emails etc;

  • Provide other settings / professionals with details about the main themes, activities and celebrations children are involved with when they are with us;

  • Request meetings to discuss the child’s achievements and progress including sharing Learning Journeys;

  • Talk to children and their key person about what they enjoy doing at the other setting;

  • Complete information for other professionals or agencies on request;

  • Take an active interest in what the child does at the other setting and use the information to complement their learning and development experience.

The kind of information I might share includes –

  • The name and date of birth of a child;

  • Behaviour concerns which are occurring across settings;

  • Emergency information which will be shared with my emergency care childminder;

  • Health or allergy information to keep the child safe;

  • The child’s learning and development information to support their progress and ensure activities and routines offered complement each other across settings;

  • Information given to the Police, Local Safeguarding Children Board, Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Care etc in an emergency;