Safe and Hygienic Premises Policy

I will always ensure that every aspect of my premises is a safe, secure and clean environment for everyone.

I have public liability insurance (certificate displayed in the hall) which is renewed every year. I also have up to date buildings and contents insurance.

All visitors to the premises if not known to me will have their ID checked and will never be left on their own. The front door is kept locked at all times and only unlocked by myself for visitors. I will only release a child to an authorised adult.

All bedding, towels and washcloths used by the children will be kept personal to that child throughout the day and put in the wash once they have left for the day.

The sleeping and changing areas used are suitable for each individual child's needs and will be kept clean and hygienic.

The children will have daily access to outdoor activities. This will include playing in the garden which is safe and secure. I will also arrange a variety of outings, all of which I seek parental permission for and will safety check beforehand.

The premises will be thoroughly checked at the beginning of the day, this will include checking for: any damage or breakages, any gaps in the garden fence and duck run and any broken toys.

Every resource used will have a risk assessment carried out to ensure it is appropriate and safe to use. These risk assessments will be check regularly.

All resources will also be cleaned on a monthly basis.