This Privacy Notice is written by Lauren Mates, owner of Play Mates Childminding, 39 Gwelmeneth, Albion Road, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 8JH, 07742916075.
As a Childminder I am required to keep personal data for each child as set out by the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is for both contractual reasons and also for Emergency reasons. I am required to inform you of how I both process and store personal data in my setting.

The Information I Collect

In my setting I am mainly paper based and all records are stored securely within my home in a filing system. I do use a Facebook group for advertising relating to my setting, and I use emails for invoices, policies and permissions. As childminders no unauthorised people have access to these records and any visitors to my setting sign in and will never be left alone with any confidential information. Please refer to my policies for further information.

How I Use Your Data

Sometimes I may need to share information with other settings to ensure your child is getting the best possible and consistent care. However permission is sought for this. Major safeguarding concerns will be the only occasion I may need to share information without permission. Please see my safeguarding policy for further information. Mostly I use the data to enter into a legally binding contract with each family, and also to use in the event of an emergency.

I am covered by the ICO for using my mobile phone to make contact with you and to store your numbers and also to take photos of your child. Photos are printing out for learning journeys and deleted as soon as possible.

Once a child leaves my setting the only data I will keep will be the ones required by law, please see my GDPR Policy. You will take some data away with you and anything else non statutory can be destroyed at your request.

As a childminder I must adhere to the Lawfulness of Processing Data, in short any data I need from you must fall into one of the following categories.

1. Consent of the data subject
2. Processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with the data subject.
3. Processing is necessary for the compliance with a legal obligation.
4. Processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of the data subject.
5. Processing is necessary in the public interest or the controller has official authority.
6. Processing is necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests pursued by the controller or a third party.

The data I am required by law to hold for each child is as follows:

Child’s Name
Child’s DOB
Child’s Address and Contact Details
Parent Addresses (if different) and Contact Details including phone number
Parental Responsibility
Legal contact
Emergency Contact Details (2 people not including parents)
Allergies / dietary requirements information
Any other special requirements / needs /medical history details
Names of people who can collect your child if not yourselves
Dr Name and address, and contact number

As such the above can be collected in compliance with the principles above; I need this data to put a contract together to make it legally binding, and to abide by my OFSTED registration requirements. Therefore the data will be necessary under Points 3 and 4 at the very least.


Your information held here is secure and held only by myself unless I am required to share with a third party such as another childcare setting, health visitor, safeguarding complaint, or Drs in the event of an emergency. Please refer to my policies and permissions for further information.

Retention of Data

When you leave my setting you are entitled to take all data relating to your child’s progress. I am required by law to hold onto some data for a long period of time so I cannot destroy these or pass them over to you. Please ask if you would like further information on the retention timescales. You have the right to request any additional data I may hold is either handed over to you or destroyed at your request.

Special Category Data

Special Category Data in the Early Years sector includes:

. Race
. Ethnic Origin
. Religious or philosophical Beliefs

I can no longer process the 3 categories of data listed above unless explicit consent is given. You must be able to opt in to these questions by signing below each category. Please circle if you give or do not give permission in each instance. Please understand you can withdraw consent for me to hold this information at any time.

I give/ do not give permission for Lauren Mates to record race

________________________________________ Parent Signature

________________________________________ Date

I give/ do not give permission for Lauren Mates to record ethnic origin

_________________________________________ Parent Signature

_________________________________________ Date

I give/ do not give permission for Lauren Mates to record religious or philosophical beliefs.
____________________________________________ Parent Signature

____________________________________________ Date

Your Rights

. Right to access
. Right to rectification
. Right to erasure
. Right to restriction of processing
. Right to objection
. Right to data portability
. Right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority.