ICT Policy

The setting has a camera which is used for business purposes. Photographs of the children will be taken for their learning journeys. The learning journeys will only contain photographs of that child and nobody else will have access to the photographs other than the setting and that child’s parent/carer. The photographs will be stored on the settings computer for six months before being deleted permanently.

Written permission will be sought from the parent/carer for images to be used in advertising, such as the website, Facebook page or e-mail.

The computer used in the setting will have all files and information about the children and their families’ password protected to ensure confidentiality.

Parents/carers are asked not to use their mobile phones on the premises to ensure the safety of the children.

Anybody visiting the setting will the accompanied at all times by the proprietor.

If children bring devices into the setting that can take photographs, they will be checked when the child leaves and any unsuitable pictures deleted.