Emergency Evacuation Procedure

In order to keep the children and myself safe I have developed the following procedure to evacuate my home in the event of an emergency.
This may be as a result of a fire, flooding, gas leak etc.
The children will regularly practice the evacuation procedure with me so they will not be alarmed in the event of the situation being real. Practices will be carried out on different days of the week to ensure all children practice and the details recorded in the evacuation log.

  • Sound the alarm (this is a whistle)
  • Evacuate the children using the safest and nearest exit available (Babies and toddlers will be carried to safety)
  • Take:
    • Register for the day
    • Contact numbers
    • Mobile phone
  • Assemble away from the house, in the parking area (at the end of the garden if leaving via the rear of the house)
  • Contact the emergency services
  • Comfort and reassure the children
  • Arrange a safe place for the children to stay until parents can collect them
  • Follow the instructions of the Emergency Services
  • Do not return to the building until the Emergency Services have declared it safe to do so