Cot Death Policy

It is my policy to ensure every care is taken to promote the safety and wellbeing of sleeping babies. 

I do this by: 

Checking sleeping children every 10 minutes throughout their entire sleep period.  

The cots, mattresses, and bedding are in accordance with British safety regulations. 

The temperature of the room where babies are sleeping is checked regularly and maintained at around 18 degrees centigrade. 

The window is always open to allow for ventilation.  

Babies are always laid on their backs with their feet at the bottom of the cot, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by parents. My Household is a non-smoking house. 

Action plan in the event of non-responsive baby or suspected cot death 

On discovering the baby: 
I will call for help of any adult nearby. This helper will dial 999 and call for an ambulance immediately. Contact all parents to arrange collection.
Information for the ambulance: 
The address: 39 Gwelmeneth, Albion Road, Helston, Cornwall, TR13 8JH 

Meanwhile I will 
Try to rouse the child by picking them up or by flicking the soles of their feet. 
Place the baby on their back on a table or firm surface 
Ensure their airway is clear, including their nose 
Support the back of their neck, tilt the head backwards and hold their chin upwards 
Open your mouth and breath in 
Seal your lips around the baby’s nose and mouth 
Breathe gently into your baby’s lungs and watch to ensure the chest rises 
Remove your mouth to allow the air to come out, let the baby’s chest fall 
Repeat gentle inflations a little faster than your normal breathing rate, removing your mouth after each breath. 
Repeat the procedure until someone else relieves you. 
If the baby has a fit or convulses 
Lay the baby on their side with their head low and turned to one side, clear their mouth of any sick or froth 
If the baby is hot, cool them down by sponging their head with tepid water 
The space where the baby has slept must not be disturbed, tidied up or cleaned.