Continuity of Care Policy

In order to provide continuity of care for children in the setting it may be necessary at times to alter ratios from 3 under 5's to 4 under 5's (children not yet in full time school), which is allowed for children already in my care providing I do not go over the overall maximum ratio of 6 in the early years register of 0-8 year olds in the setting at any one time (meaning if I have 4 in the early years then I can only have 2 in the 5-8 bracket). Continuity of care could be a new sibling, a parent needing emergency cover outside their contracted hours, a parent changing their days/hours or requiring extra days.

Please see attached printout from the statutory framework.

Please feel assured on these occasions when I will exceed the standard ratio that all necessary risk assessments have been made, that I am well equipped and prepared for these occasions such as sufficient car seats, pushchairs, seating, toys etc.

I will only ever exceed ratio to accommodate existing parents needs and never for new business and taking into consideration the age of the children present for manageability.

If you have any concerns please feel free to talk to me about them.