Child in Care Policy

Statement of Intent 
To promote the educational achievement and welfare of children in care. 

To have in place procedures for liaison with the External Agencies so that all aspects of the child’s care are considered. 

A Child in Care may be living: 
With Foster Carers 
In a children’s home 
In a residential school 
With relatives 
With parents (under the supervision of Social Care) 
Under a Police Protection Order 
Under an Emergency Protection Order 

It is therefore imperative that no assumptions are made based on a child’s living arrangements and further information is available through the Corporate Parenting Document. 

I am the designated person responsible for the overall care and wellbeing of Children in Care. 

I understand that if there is a Personal Education Plan and this is a requirement for a Child in Care. I will endeavour to source the Personal Education Plan at the child’s point of admission to the setting and work with relevant agencies to ensure its monitoring and review and within the correct timescales. 

I will promote our services and the ability to meet the additional needs and requirements of a Child in Care. I will use the recommendations in the Key Statistics document to ensure the best provision and service is available and that a Child in Care is not disadvantaged by their parental circumstances. At first point of contact I will discuss and agree the appropriate authorised parental permissions to enable the child to attend. 

I will urgently convene a multi-agency meeting and liaise with the Social Worker and Foster Carer if the child is experiencing difficulties at the setting or is in need of additional support. 

I will ensure the protocol for sharing information about the care and education of Children in Care is established and maintained in line with Cornwall Council policies and procedures. 

Cornwall Children in Care Education Officer Team: - 01872 323104 

Jane Stephens 

Emma Phillips 

Inny Building 
Old County Hall 
Station Road 
Truro, Cornwall