Accident, Incident, and Injury Policy

The safety of your children is paramount and every measure will be taken to ensure they are protected from hurting themselves. However, accidents do happen and the following information details how the incident will be dealt with:

If a child has an accident whilst in my care, I will take appropriate action. Your child will be comforted and reassured. The extent of your child’s injuries will be ascertained and if necessary medical assistance will be called for.

If it is serious enough to need an ambulance I shall ring 999 and when the ambulance is on its way I shall call the parent or carer. I shall travel in the ambulance with the child if possible but if I am currently also caring for other children this may not be possible. If this is the case I will make sure the child is safe and as comfortable as possible with the ambulance staff before leaving them. 

After every accident, even if it is not serious, I will complete an accident form detailing the injuries and exactly how, where and when the accident happened. I shall include any treatment given. I shall ask the parent or carer to sign this form when they collect the child, or if this is not possible at the next time I see them. 

If the incident required any medical treatment I will:

Inform Ofsted
Inform my insurance company
Contact my Local Authority if I need any further advice or support.
Contact the local Social Care and RIDDOR if required. 

If the child is unwell after an accident or they may need medical attention, I will ring the parent or carer to let them know what happened. They can then decide if they want to take the child to see a doctor.

I have a first aid box which is accessible to the children if they need to get it for me. The contents is checked twice a year and recorded. I hold a full paediatric first aid certificate which is updated every three years.

It is important that you keep me informed regarding your child’s condition following an accident and if you have sought additional medical advice or care. 

If you have any concerns regarding this policy, please contact me.